Marketing Online
  1. Online research
  2. Writing for the web
  3. Search engine ranking
  4. Shopping cart solutions
  5. Drop shipping
  6. Website submissions
  7. Affiliate marketing
  8. Affiliate linking
  9. Pay-per-click advertising
  10. Link exchanges


Online Target Market Research

If you don't know where to start marketing your business, or even what direction to go, don't stress, we can help! 

Identifying your target market is key to successful websites. We can help you identify what people are searching for online and then determine how to position a website to attract them. 

We help you identify:

  • what keywords people use on the search engines
  • how often people search for your product online
  • what other phrases people search that are similar
  • how much other websites are paying for certain keywords


  • attracting qualified visitors to your store/website
  • promoting your products and services to your target demographic
  • increased exposure of your products and services to a higher qualified audience
  • easily introduce new products and services to a qualified audience
  • money spent on targeted advertising rather than generally

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