Here are some questions to ask when shopping for a Web designer: (and of course, our answers)

1. Question - What exactly do you specialize in?

Our answer - We are more than just a web designer, graphic artist or media producer. We specialize in marketing your online business. We use effective writing for the web, websites, brochures, and graphic design as our tools to communicate your competitive advantage to your customers.

2. Question - What web/graphic development software do you use?

Our answer - We use Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash MX, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and FrontPage depending on the needs of your specific project. 

3. Question - Are you able to guarantee a high ranking in the search engines? 

Our answer - Actually Yes. We do website optimization as well as implement a pay per click campaign on all major search engines which guarantees placement for your chosen keywords.

4. Question - Are you able to provide Flash animation?

Our answer - Yes.

5. Question - What size websites are you typically used to building?

Our answer - It ranges from a one-page site to large database driven sites like, a speed dating website.

6. Question - I have an existing site that I don't like. Can you fix it?

Our answer - We can give you a free evaluation and a custom quote for site redesign and/or modifications.

7. Question - What is my role in the development process?

Our answer - Your role will be the most crucial part of this process in that you will be responsible for communicating to us the details of your business, industry, markets and your goals for the application. Our goal is to carry out your vision!

8. Question - How will you provide constant communication to me on the status of my project throughout development?

Our answer - The project manager assigned to your project will provide you with a web address that will allow you to view your project at any time during development.

9. Question - Do I own the graphics and code used to create my website?

Our answer - After we have received final payment for your project, you will own all the graphics and code used to create your site.

10. Question - If I decide I want you to hire your company what happens next?

Our answer - Contact us at 1 604-793-1294 or email us at
We will setup a meeting with you and begin gathering the requirements for your project.

11. Question - During your development process what elements are most important?

Our answer - Staying within budget, staying on schedule, communication, and complete client satisfaction.

12. Question - If I have any questions or problems during the development of my site who can I talk to?

Our answer - You can just send us a email or call us will be happy to assist you every step of the way.

13. Question - Where can I see samples of your previous work?

Our answer - We have an online portfolio available on our website with links to some of the websites we have created.

14. Question - Do you handle my domain name registration?

Our answer - Yes, we take care of that for you with most of our website packages.

15. Question - Do I own the domain name used for my site?

Our answer - Domain names cannot be "bought" forever, but are registered for a predetermined amount of time. If we acquire the domain name for you, the title will be transferred to you upon final payment for your website.

16. Question - Can you install a payment system and a shopping cart on my website?

Our answer Yes. We have researched several online shopping cart providers and can integrate the best suited one onto your website.

17. Question - Does the shopping cart system send automatic confirmation messages to the business owner as well as the customer?

Our answer - Yes, it does.

18. Question - Does the card processing system provide address verification?

Our answer - Yes. Address verification reduces the chance of fraud and charge-backs.

19. Question - Do you provide email support?

Our answer - Yes, we do.

20. Question - Why would I do business with you?

Our answer We add a much needed dimension to web design that most development shops will overlook. We combine excellent graphic design skills with effective copy writing and are able to create an online marketing strategy that makes you stand out from your competition and get chosen by your customers. Too many designers are just that, designers. They are not web marketers, and don't have the skills to get your website found online once they make it. We do.

21. Question - What other online strategies do you implement?

Our answer - We can provide pay per click campaigns, banner ad campaigns, as well as search engine optimization. All of these strategies are designed to drive more prospects to your site. All of these strategies are designed to reduce unnecessary costs and increase customer loyalty and sales.

22. Question -  What do you charge?

Our answer - We charge $55/hour for most projects, and we also can give flat quotes "by the project" which work out to a savings in cost. Less technical projects, such as design and editing, cost $35/hr. See our list of rates here.