Website Pricing

Afraid of huge price tags?
Don't be.

 Let us give you a quote up front, with no surprises.  

Project Rates

Afraid of seeing huge price tags?? At Adsolution, we pride ourselves in providing high quality service at a reasonable cost. We know that many web design companies charge way too much and create a stereotype of huge bills in the web design industry. 

For an estimate of what your project will cost: Request a quote online.

We stand apart from the competition and show you that marketing your business online doesn't have to cost a fortune. We offer Internet marketing solutions designed to fit your business and your budget. Whether you have a lot of projects to do or just need a little bit of advice, we can help.

We charge a very competitive $35 / $55 an hour. Technical projects bill out at $55. Simpler things like editing and formatting are $35/hr.  See below for more info. We also have "flat rate" fees for certain project types. There will be no surprises, and no hidden charges as we always stick to our quotes! We request 50% payment to start and 50% upon completion. 

Some of our services are offered in "packages" and costs can be seen on the individual pages for those services. All graphic design rates do not include printing costs.

List of pricing:

$35 / hr $55 / hr
  • Keyword research
  • PPC campaign set up
  • PPC ad maintenace
  • Banner ad creation
  • Text editing / formatting
  • Website maintenance
  • Website packages and pre-made templates
  • Print material graphics/layouts (such as business cards using existing logo)
  • PHP web programming
  • Web design
  • Custom graphic design
  • In-person training and tutorial sessions
  • Online marketing consultations
  • Online market research
  • Website optimization
  • Website makeovers

If the project you are interested in is not listed above it may be charged on a flat fee basis. Please contact us for details or request a quote online.